SACAC Tennis @ Swissotel The Stamford!

SACAC and Savitar are pleased to announce that Red, Orange, Green and Yellow Stage Tennis (K - 12th Grade) will now run at Savitar's downtown location at Swissotel The Stamford.  SACAC looks forward to offering players improved service times and better program continuity at this new venue.


We are providing a bus that leaves from the SAS High School entrance (front steps) at 3:30 PM.  A SACAC Aide will ride the bus and supervise the children on the way to the hotel.

For K-2nd Graders - As children this age cannot ride activity buses on their own after school, Parents/Guardians will be need to provide their own transportation to and from Swissotel.

For 3rd-5th Graders - A SACAC Aide will meet children at the MS Cafeteria, and will then escort them to the High School.

For 6th Grade & Up - Proceed directly to the HS front steps.

*** Please note that return transport is not provided after the lessons end at 5:30 PM.  Therefore, parents will need to arrange their own transportation from the Swissotel.


Once the bus arrives at the Swissotel, Our coaches will meet the children directly at the drop off area of the hotel.  They will then head up to the tennis courts as a group.

If your child doesn’t arrive using the SACAC bus or arrives late – The way to the tennis courts is via the Fairmont Hotel lobby (next to Swissotel).  Take the elevator to the 8th floor.  When walking out of the elevator, turn right to reach the swimming pools / roof top area – walk around this area towards the left in order to reach the tennis courts.


At Swissotel --- Rainout Activities such as miracle tennis and drills will be carried out at the tennis courts under covered areas.


For any questions about the program or the new venue, please contact us at or 6363 6454.

We look forward to seeing you on the courts!

Private Lessons

We are now offering 1-hour sessions (1-to-1) at $85 per person.  Receive a 10% discount if you book 10 lessons in advance.  Either sign up at the SACAC office or call: 6363-6454, e-mail:

SACAC Tennis

Welcome to the SACAC Tennis program. Savitar and their staff are excited to offer our membership an exciting tennis program.

The tennis program is catered to the different age groups and levels within the Primary, Intermediate, Middle and High School. Experienced and dedicated coaches are committed to providing a program that teaches by progression, from simple to more complex skills. The curriculum also incorporates goal-setting, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Programs are conducted in a fun and positive environment that keeps students learning, achieving, having fun and coming back for more!

We will strive even harder to cater to all levels of experience and we are now adding extra training for those who would like to train for competitive tennis!


K – 12th Grade


RED STAGE (Levels 3-1) (K-2nd Grade)

Players will learn the basic fundamentals of tennis, including technique, movement and rallying skills. There will be a balance between drills and games. By the time they are ready to move into Orange stage, they will be able to serve, rally and score. Courts are ¼ size of full court and balls are 75% slower.

ORANGE STAGE (Levels 3-1) (2nd-4th Grade)

Players will continue to develop their technical skills along with tactical awareness. Players will also learn to control the ball with spin, develop specific footwork patterns, and be introduced to the strategies of singles and doubles. Courts are ¾ size and balls are 50% slower.

GREEN STAGE (Levels 3-1) (3rd-5th Grade)

Building on what was learned during the Orange stage, players work on more advanced techniques and tactics. Players will use a full-size tennis court, and play with a slightly slower and lighter ball. All tournaments for U10 within Singapore are green dot ball.

YELLOW STAGE DEVELOPMENT (Levels 2-1) (6-8th Grade, 9-12th Grade)

Level 2: At this Level players will learn the basic fundamentals of tennis, including technique, movement and rallying skills. By the time they are ready to move into Development Level 1 they will be able to serve, rally and score. Level 1:During this level players will be introduced to more advanced techniques and tactics with stronger emphasis on match play preparation.

YELLOW STAGE ADVANCED (Levels 2-1) (6-8th Grade, 9-12th Grade)

Level 2: The main emphasis of the coaching at this level will be based on match play situations with specific tactical and technical drills. At this stage players will be participating in regular match play outside of training. Level 1: To progress to this level players will be expected to have an advanced knowledge and execution of all the technical and tactical areas of tennis.

ELITE (Levels 2-1) (6-8th Grade, 9-12th Grade)

With enrolments based on the coach’s invitation, this level is specifically designed for those players that excel and are regularly participating in tournaments at a high level for their age.  There will be a strong emphasis on the key areas of a player’s development including technical, tactical, physical and mental.

All participants will receive an evaluation on the first day of the lesson to confirm proper placement.


1st Season: August – October
2nd Season: October – February
3rd Season: February – May


Class times varies depending on grade & level


Tennis Courts at the High School and ES gym for K – 2nd Grade


Tennis rackets, non-marking tennis shoes, hat or sun-visor and water bottles


There is a $50 late fee for late registration.


No seasons tentatively.


No seasons tentatively.


No seasons tentatively.


Name Ended on
10/11 Qtr 2 TENNIS Jan 14, 2011
10/11 Qtr 3 TENNIS Apr 08, 2011
10/11 Qtr 4 Tennis May 27, 2011