14/15 Season 3 Flag Football Grades 9 - 12, T/TH 4:30-6pm
14/15 Season 3 Flag Football - Spring
Season start:
Mar 30, 2015
Season end:
May 28, 2015

This league is for grades 9 - 12, or ages 14 - 19 and will be focused even more on skills, technique, play calling and teamwork.

It is a great opportunity for new participants to join and learn the game while building comfort and confidence if interested in playing full-contact football in the fall. If not, this is still a great league to test that competetive attidude while having fun and playing ball with the teams in the only American Football League in Singapore!

For this first time ever being offered to this age, we will also be combining a strength and conditioning program during the off-days and after practice for those interested in taking their game to the next level. With the school year ending and the fall season coming up, it's a good reason to get a head-start and better grasp on a good summer work-out program.