14/15 Season 1 Cheer, Grades 9-12 - M & W 4:15-6pm
14/15 Season 1 Cheerleading
Season start:
Aug 17, 2014
Season end:
Nov 07, 2014

In conjunction with the Singapore American Football League, SACAC adds more excitement to our Friday and Saturday football games with our energetic cheerleaders. The cheerleaders will be at every American or National league football game throughout the fall season (Sept.-Oct.) At the end of the season, each team will perform a well-rehearsed routine during half-time.

The program is for children from Kindergarten through 8th grade.  High School age students who are interested in cheering should contact the SACAC office.  There are three leagues for cheeleaders K-1st grade, 2-5th grade and 6th-8th grade.  All registered participants are placed on a team.  There are no try-outs or cuts, though spaces may be limited.  Teams practice twice per week from 3:15-4:15 (For grades K-5) and (4:30-6:00 for grades 6-8) and attend Friday (6th-8th grade)  or Saturday (K-5th grade) football games.  World League practices 3 times per week from 4:15-6:00pm (for grades -12).

Adult advisors/team parents are needed for each team. If you are interested in becoming an advisor, coordinator, coach or helping with any aspect of the cheerleading program, please contact the SACAC sports office. Pompoms and uniforms are provided.


American League: K – 5th Grade

National League: 6th-8th Grade

World League: 9th-12th Grade


June - August


August – November

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American League - Twice per week 3:15 – 4:15 pm and Games are usually on Saturday mornings at 8:30am

National League - Twice per week 4:15-6:00pm and Games are usually on Friday evenings at 6:30pm

World League - 2-3x per week 4:15-6:00pm and Games are on Saturday evenings at 6:30pm

Practices are typically held on Monday and Wednesday, but this schedule may change as it is often dependent on the middle school and high school dance programs.  The dates for those programs will be set in mid August at the start of the season. 


Every weekend during football season.


Pompoms and uniforms are provided. 

Start Registering: http://sacac.com/user