SACAC Board of Management (2013-2014) - Email board

Position Name Organization
Chairman Stuart Wilson SACAC Board/Exco
Outgoing Chairman/Honorary Member Joe Hamby SACAC Board
1st Vice Chairman Gregory Rutledge SACAC Board/Exco
2nd Vice Chairman Anne Dellos LeBoutillier SACAC Board/Exco
Treasurer Manish Yadav SACAC Board/Exco
Secretary Gregory Rutledge SACAC Board/Exco
Member at Large James Matisin SACAC Board
Member at Large Tina Datta SACAC Board
Member at Large Lauren Krepsik SACAC Board
Member at Large KC Ang SACAC Board

Community Representative

Position Name Organization
Commissioner Killick Datta AmCham
Commissioner Geoffrey Rodocker SAS
Commissioner James Loi US Embassy
Commissioner Monique Hirsch SAS PTA
Commissioner Anne Dellos LeBoutillier American Association
Commissioner Kristina Thompson AWA Singapore
Commissioner Sarah Cockerill AWA Singapore

Board Meeting Dates

All meetings are held at 7:30pm in the Atrium Room of the American Club, 3rd floor unless otherwise noted.


SACAC Employee's

Position Name Organization
General Manager Floyd Smith SACAC 
Director of Sports Davey Lagman SACAC Sports
Director of Sports Hazel Tan SACAC Sports
Director of Sports Justin Corbitt SACAC Sports
Directof of Sports and Logistics Manager Jason Batt SACAC Sports
Director of Counselling Nenna Ndukwe  SACAC Counselling
Finance Manager Carol Chia SACAC
Office Manager Maggie Lupinski SACAC Sports
Finance Administrator Toh Sor Hong SACAC Sports